1st Traditional HinduTemple in Abu Dhabi , built by "BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha" ,Know all about it

BAPS Hindu Temple Abu Dhabi Construction Start -11.02.2018 Inauguration - 14.02.2024 Budget -  Rs 700 crore, App Area - 27.7 acre

1st  Hindu Temple Abu Dhabi No Steel or Iron has been used in construction.For  reinforcement in concrete fly ash has been used

 Hindu Temple Abu Dhabi Pink sandstone from Rajasthan has been used to withstand  temperatures of up to 50 °C. Also Marble from Europe also used.

Hindu Temple Abu Dhabi Marble - 40,000 cubic mtrs Standstone - 1.8 Million c. mtrs Bricks - 1.8 million Labour - 4 lakh hour

 Hindu Temple Abu Dhabi Biggest Hindu temple in West Asia, It is a landmark in the region's architectural and cultural history

 Hindu Temple Abu Dhabi Many of the statues and carvings have been done in India and have been shipped to Abu Dhabi.

1st Hindu Temple Abu Dhabi & Biggest Hindu temple in West Asia Credit - BAPS Instagram

There will be seven spires integrated into the temple's design, each symbolising an Emirate of the UAE. The aim of the spirals is to promote unity and harmony in the multicultural landscape

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