Chenab arc railway Bridge is an Engineering Marvel and it is the highest bridge of the world

A symphony of steel and concrete, the Chenab Bridge isn't just a bridge; conquering treacherous terrain and harsh conditions to connect hearts across a vast valley.

Estimated life of the bridge is 120 years and the bridge can withstand the wind speed of 266 kmph, but the train speed is limited to 100 kmph.

It is the highest railway bridge in the world at 359 meters above the river bed level.

It is 1315 mtr long,arc span -467 mtr with station at both end and 35 meter taller than iconic Eiffel Tower of Peris

It is part of Udhampur-Srinagar Railway Link Project, started in yr 2004 and its inauguration done on 13th Aug 2022. Project delayed due to inclement weather.

This project was a joint venture of AFCONS Construction Company, VSL and Ultra companies.

1300 workers and 300 engineers have engaged in this mega project. Project cost is app 1486 crore.

You must have seen many waterfalls. Here, see a waterfall of fire. You will not find such a wonderful sight anywhere else.